Injury Treatment

Sports therapy is the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and pain caused by musculoskeletal problems.

Whether your pain is has come from sport, work or any other part of your life, we offer advice and treatment to help you recover in as short a time as possible.


During the initial assessment we will take a detailed history of your injury and the effects it is having on your daily life. This will be followed by a thorough physical assessment.

From this, an initial plan of therapy treatments and rehabilitation exercises will be formed.

You will be continually re-assessed at every treatment and rehab session to ensure that your recovery is progressing optimally and that your treatment is suited to your needs.


Your personal plan may include various pain management and injury rehabilitation treatments to restore your body to normal.

Current sports science research and modern methods of soft tissue manipulation are used to ensure that you become pain free, safely returning you to your normal activities and your sport as quickly as possible.

Injury Assessment
Ankle Taping

Injury Rehabilitation

Incorporated into your treatment plan, we will include up to date, evidence based, rehabilitative techniques to restore movement, co-ordination, strength, flexibility, proprioception and aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Your individual rehabilitation programme will be developed to help you return to full fitness (or better!) as quickly and safely as possible.


As part of your comprehensive rehabilitation programme you will be given exercises to help you prevent your injury from recurring. The exercises will be personalised to you based on your weekly routine, personal biomechanics and history of previous injuries.