Injury Prevention

You don't have to be injured or in pain for sports therapy or massage to be of benefit to you!

Many causes of pain, particularly in the back and shoulders, build up over months or even years with little or no symptoms. These causes of pain can often be spotted and corrected before they become a problem.


During your initial assessment you will be asked about any previous injuries, as well as your weekly routine including any sport / hobbies you do and your duties at work. A postural and biomechanical assessment will then be carried out to highlight any potential problem areas that could be predisposing you to injury.


Following this the therapist will formulate a prehabilitation program specifically for you. As with all of our therapies current research will be used in order to construct an effective prehabilitation program for you based on common injuries in sport / work, recurrance rate of specific injuries, gender and ethnicity.